Complaints & Appeals Procedure

A Complaint arises from the BEE verification process and not from the BEE Score.
An Appeal relates to a BEE verification result after a verification process.


All complaints will be acknowledged in writing and thoroughly investigated by the director of Wackrill Poole Verification Services (Pty) Ltd via procedures required in Section 20 of SANAS R47-02.  Findings will be formally conveyed to the complainant and any corrective action found necessary will be implemented.

Every effort will be made to resolve complaints in a timely and reasonable manner.
Effective handling of complaints is seen as a way of improving customer service and increasing public confidence in BEE verification activities.
Form (WPVS.FOR.7.1) to lodge a complaint is available from our web site

Wackrill Poole Verification Services (Pty) Ltd will administer appeals formally in compliance with the provisions of SANAS R47-02 Clause 19.
Wackrill Poole Verification Services (Pty) Ltd management will be responsible for all decisions during the appeals-handling process and this
policy requires resolution within 30 days of the initial lodgement of the appeal.

A formal procedure will be followed to:-
➖    receive, validate and investigate appeals
➖    track and record appeals and the actions undertaken to resolve them

The committee handling the appeal will provide progress reports to the appellant and will communicate the decision reached via a formal
notice.  Such decisions will be final.

Investigation of and decisions on appeals will not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.
Form (WPVS.FOR.6.1) to register an appeal is available from our web site
Click HERE to Download Complaints Procedure and Form
Click HERE to Download Appeal Procedure and Form
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